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About Our Company

Legacy is a life insurance and financial services agency dedicated to the financial success during every stage of our agents' business. We will always view and treat each insurance agent and financial adviser as our partner and not just a statistic. We will constantly strive to improve our services and respond to your needs utilizing the latest technology

Legacy is built upon a platform of honesty and integrity, excellent client service, and active Agent participation and input in company sales marketing and advertising. Your feedback is valued and contributes to the Group’s success. We continue to seek out and offer the best life insurance products for your clients and the highest compensation for you.
What We Do

Lead Generation

The secret to becoming one of the most successful agents in our industry is activity! Our life insurance lead programs are designed for just that.

Mortgage Protection

Looking to sell mortgage protection life insurance or already do, then partnering with Legacy is the best choice. We have been in the mortgage protection marketplace for decades offering agents the highest commissions.

Final Expense

Final Expense and Burial Insurance is a market we specialize in. We have the tools, technology, training & mentoring, and most importantly the leads you need to be successful.

Agent Testimonials

Our company is built with experience, integrity and proficiency
Alisa B Independent Broker, Ohio. You’re awesome, really. I can’t say enough about well you’ve tailored a lead program in my area. I’ve used other groups in the industry for my leads with varying degrees of success, but your program beats the heck out if those. My sales have never been higher! Thanks for everything.
Carl V Independent Broker, Michigan. Moving to Legacy is one of those decisions I wish I’d made sooner. I was stuck at a production level that was good, but not great and couldn’t seem to find the time to get in the field more. The back office management of paperwork from submitting apps to tracking my book to case follow-up has allowed me to spend more time in the field selling! Thanks for the support.
Dave B Independent Broker, Texas. From marketing to agent support to how well-thought-out your programs and how honest you guys are. It’s impossible to recommend anyone but Legacy.
Tony P Independent Broker, Texas. Thank you very much Michael. I appreciate the support alot I never had this with my old MGA. You guys are awesome.
Thomas Independent Broker, Florida. I searched for over a year and spoke to dozens of IMO’s and I kept coming back to a guy called “Skipper”. I never had the access with my original IMO that I do now with LEGACY. I get as much or as little attention I need and there has always been someone available to take my call or text when I have a question I can’t answer in the home.
Jack Independent Broker, Tennesse. My home market is only so big and can’t support me every day with direct mail leads. With the help of the other programs LEGACY offers I am able to fill the gaps without having to drive hours away every week.

A great Podcast on Mortgage Protection Insurance:

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Let us help you make your life insurance business a success
We will always view and treat each life insurance agent and financial adviser as our partner and not just a statistic. We will continue to seek out and offer the best products for your clients and the highest compensation for you.

Mentorship/TrainingOne-on-one collaborative approach
Tech, Tools, and AppsDesigned to take the stress out of life.

Agent ContractingOne contract for all of our carriers
Custom ServicesNeed help on a case? Help is on the way.
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Agent News & Updates

Our company is built with experience, Integrity & proficiency


Partner Benefits

  • The LEGACY Partner Commission Guarantee
  • Agency Building (MGA) Contracts Available
  • Exclusive Mortgage Protection/Final Expense Lead Programs
  • Quarterly Production Contests

  • Exclusive Markets: Keystone, Champions, Heritage...
  • Technology and Clerical Support
  • LEGACY Co-Branding in Your Home State
  • Semi-Annual Production Bonuses


What if LEGACY can’t match the commission level and other benefit package I have elsewhere?

  • The LEGACY Partner Commission Guarantee states that we will match and strive to better any arrangement that you have elsewhere. If we cannot match or better your current arrangement, then you will not be expected to place this business with LEGACY.

I am interested in participating in the LEGACY Partner Program but there may be some companies that LEGACY represents that I or my agency may not be able to place with LEGACY. Am I still eligible?

  • We understand that every agent and agency's situation may be a little dierent, and we look forward to discussing these on an individual basis.

Are there production requirements for participation in the LEGACY Partner Program?

  • Yes and No. Currently, all of the benefits and bonus opportunities of the LEGACY Partner Program are free to those willing to make the commitment to consolidate their brokerage business with LEGACY. Currently, LEGACY also offers some very unique technology, leads, clerical support, etc. that may require some minimum production requirement to access those unique support features.

Will the inability to secure a release from another brokerage firm, MGA, or FMO be a sufficient reason for not being able to place business with LEGACY?

  • Although we intend to be flexible and review each relationship on an individual basis, the inability to secure a release will not prevent agents from placing business with LEGACY, with over 30 Life & Annuity carriers available. LEGACY has always had an open release policy and we believe other brokerage firms should as well.

Are there Agency Building (MGA) Contracts available?

  • Yes. We look forward to discussing the advantages and benefits for any Agency or group of Agencies with 2 or more Sub-agents that is willing to participate in the LEGACY Partner Program.

If you are ready to start the contracting process with LEGACY, follow this link
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Directmail Leads by the Each

  • 24-48 hour turn-around time
  • Limited Availability in every State - organized by County
  • A, A- & A-(65+), and B leads - Aged leads are best for Mortgage Protection
  • High Return on Investment
  • Delivered Directly to your Opt account
  • Purchased by the each



Definitions of available leads:

A Leads

  • Direct Mail A Leads represent about 1% of your target market and are the most expensive leads out there. For example, if 1000 people in your county close loans this week and we direct mail them all, the return will yield 10 respondents. Working only this lead, an agent will miss another 990 opportunities to sit with people who just had mortgage activity and would most likely buy from you if they only knew you existed and could hear your presentation.

A- & A- (65+) Leads

  • These are available in limited numbers in various areas. Many agents purchase them in bulk and travel outside their home market. Others purchase them close to home (when and where available) and supplement their "A" leads (if any) to increase their prospecting opportunities. They are not as "fresh" as an "A" lead and therefore greater effort must be made when prospecting with these leads, but many agents have incredible success with "A-" leads. An agent adding A- leads to their prospecting efforts can expect to increase their income by an additional $25,000 - $50,000 per year. Of course, the net income goes up considerably as well since the "client acquisition" cost is much lower. The A- (65+) are those prospects that are 65+ years old. They are also some of the best leads to work with higher premiums!

B Leads

  • These are available in limited numbers in various areas. Many agents (new and veterans alike) purchase these in bulk to add to their "prospecting" opportunities. A "B" lead is a once distributed lead that, to our knowledge, was not sold by one of our agents. "B" leads are a great way to add to your prospecting opportunities and reach out to more people in your target market WITHOUT breaking the bank. Agents incorporating "B" leads into their prospecting plan can expect to increase their income by an additional $35,000 - $50,000 per year. Of course, "B" leads take more effort and skill than "A-" leads which take more effort and skill than "A" leads, but many agents have great success with "B" leads and love working them as their primary means of "client acquisition."

Pre-approach Leads

  • This is by far the most lucrative and inexpensive method of "client acquisition." Using just this prospecting method, an agent can guarantee himself/herself a minimum of 15 appointments per week and an annual income of over $300,000 when also incorporating the Financial Needs Approach. An agent looking to become a builder/duplicator can realize the highest number of agents per area by incorporating this one prospecting tool! So why doesn't everybody do it? Because it's work and it isn't as easy as "A", "A-" or "B" leads for most people.

Can I buy these leads by the each to get started and how much do they cost?

  • Yes, the A Leads are $45 to $55 each lead count is determined by you. We recommend 20 leads a week (three week commitment required) to give you the greatest opportunity sales and cash-flow.
  • The A- & A-(65+) are aviable in most every county in every sate you wish to work. The cost is $7 each you can order as many as you wish based on whats available in counties you choose to work. The B Leads are offered and ordered the same way but with a cost of $4 each

Do I have to buy life insurance leads through Legacy to get contracted?

  • No. Legacy is not a lead house. Bringing our agents other ways to generate leads is one of the reasons we sought out an outside partner. The second, is the request from agents who want a faster turn-around time to get started. Aged leads offer that quick turn-around time from order to received leads; usually within a couple of days your leads are emailed directly to you.

Are these leads generated by Legacy?

  • No. These leads are generated, managed, and distributed by an exclusive outside partner. As a Legacy contracted agent you have access to these leads

If you are ready to start the contracting process with LEGACY, follow this link
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Permanent Life Insurance

Life insurance is the primary product of choice working the 35-50 age group! There has been a evolution of life insurance products. Products such as single premium whole life, Indexed Universal Life (IUL) and newer "Living Benefits" available on both Term and Permanent life insurance.

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The Skipper

Advisers: Believe In Your Message

The biggest sale you will ever make in your career is to yourself. Before your clients buy from you, you have to believe in your message. Your No. 1 priority is to believe in what you do.

You are important: Why? Because many of our institutions may not be able to keep the promises they have made to the American people. The federal government may be forced to cut benefits for programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. State and local governments could reduce or eliminate pensions and promised health insurance benefits.

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