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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change"
- Charles Darwin 1809

The Consumer Landing Page from Agent Quote is now available for agents to setup. This website allows you to advertise across media platforms giving prospects the ability to run their own quotes. People can quote for Term insurance, Final Expense (Burial Insurance), and Mortgage Protection.

Your Landing Page is personalized with your name or logo and your contact phone number. All of the content and articles for all markets are provided. You choose the carriers you want people to quote for different markets. You can set the default quote and information to be either: term, final expense or mortgage protection. The default market is what you feel will be the best focus for your business, but people can quote anything that their interested in.

Every person that runs a quote from your landing page is lead that is sent to your email in real-time. The lead contains: email address, name, phone number, gender, tobacco use, term length, date of birth, and benefit amount. The only way a client can see their quote is by verifying their information by typing a 5-digit code sent via text or email.

Follow the link below to see more about the Consumer Landing Page and to run a live preview.

As we continue to try and work during this ever-changing time, we are urging every agent to be responsible and work virtually as much as possible. While I understand that some states have yet to implement a stay-at-home order, the science tells us that staying at home reduces your exposure and mitigates your risk of getting you or someone else sick.

The needle for staying at home continues to be fluid with the latest date being April 30th. I am expecting this to continue being extended and, in my opinion, will last until some time in June. By that time hopefully, most people will have been tested and we can return some normality to our lives, albeit a new normal.

As an agent one the highlights of working are meeting and talking to people in person. Working virtually is a learning curve for all of us. Insurance carriers realize this and are coming up with solutions to make this process easier.

At Legacy we are working on this as well by fast tracking online quoting landing pages for agents and providing carriers that are set up for tele-apps. We will be adding tools for tele-sales to our agent portal in the coming week to help us all transform the way we do business.

Thinking outside the box meeting these new challenges is how we’ll survive financially while fulling the reason we all started in this business – to protect people’s families.

As communities around the world face the public health challenges surrounding COVID-19, we want to express our sincere hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. We also want to assure you that we will continue to be here to support you and your business.

With that being said, stay vigilant but don’t be afraid. As life agents this crisis has resulted in two things; people are home and they are at the highest state of awareness. This presents a very important opportunity for us to explain to people that if their virus free today they can still qualify. They may not a few months from now.

As part of your script to your appointment setting be the agent not a third-party person during this crisis. Before you book the appointment, ask your prospect “…are you feeling okay? Have you traveled outside the country in past couple of weeks?” Assuming they do and have not traveled, “…Great neither have I!” This will put them, and you, at ease.

If they still object to having anyone come to their house, acknowledge their concerns. “…I understand and agree. Working with one of the nations largest life insurance agencies gives us the ability to handle everything over the phone.”

Say this either way…“What I’ve found is that while people are so concerned with buying toilet paper, we’re starting to think about how much life insurance we have and what would happen to our families if we tested positive for the virus and didn’t survive….”

Here are the carriers we represent that offer tele-apps and eApps:

Final Expense:
  1. Americo – Eagle Premier for SIWL
  2. Prosperity – New Vista for SIWL
  3. Royal Neighbors – SIWL
  4. United Home Life - SIWL

Mortgage Protection:
  1. Americo – HMS series of products
  2. Mutual of Omaha – TLE (Term Life Express) or TLA (Term Life Answers – fully underwritten)
  3. Foresters – Your Term Med & Non-Med, Strong Foundation, & Smart UL Med & Non-Med
  4. United Home Life – Simple Term 20y & 30y

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