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  • Fresh and Exclusive Direct Mail Leads
  • Available for both Final Expense and Mortgage Protection
  • Only Available for Legacy Contracted Agents
  • Higher Return on Investment

  • Higher Closing Ratio
  • Territories can be protected
  • Supporting Material for Unreachable Leads
  • Lead Buy-Back Program



What makes Legacy’s leads different from other direct mail leads?

  • We are MGA’s who work the same leads we offer our agents. Thus, we’ve developed unique propitiatory direct mail lead pieces that deliver results. From our supporting material like Legacy door hangers for both Mortgage Protection and Final Expense to target marketing helping you get the most out of your direct mail campaigns.
  • The first detail you’re going to notice is the quality of the prospects generated from our direct mail leads. We’ll teach you how to use the right criteria to gather the data that will target the right prospects looking for Mortgage Protection and Final Expense.
  • Secondly, our direct mail leads have never been previously sold or worked by another agent instead they are always fresh and exclusive to you.

Are Territories Protected?

  • Yes and No.If you commit to a weekly standing order your territory will be closed to other agents. As Legacy offers direct mail leads from 250-piece minimum to any maximum piece drop for standing weekly orders or 2000-piece ordering blocks for one time orders, we will not drop mail to the same zip codes for aged data or the same counties for current mortgages at the same time for any agent regardless of lead order size..

Can I cancel my standing order?

  • Yes. Due to the nature of lead drops/mailings and the acquisition of data required to generate lead drops, all sales are final and non-refundable. Standing lead orders continue until cancelled by either you or Legacy. The standing lead order agreement may be cancelled upon ten (10) day written notice by either party. Simply send your cancellation email to Leads@LegacyAgent.com you will receive a confirmation email of the cancellation.

How many appointments can I expect and what is the average closing ratio?

  • The reason our direct mail program is so popular is because they are dependable and they get results…expectations you can count on. There are two significant factors to closing more appointments; targeting the right prospects and product availability. Legacy offers the carriers with products that will give you the opportunity to meet every prospects condition.
  • The results of target marketing and product availability means you’ll set on average 50% of your leads in appointments and close up to 70% of your appointments. Couple this with our supporting material on working those unreachable leads and you’ll add another 10% to 30% to those numbers.

I cannot afford to buy leads per 1000 right now what can I do to get started?

  • We understand each agents situation is different. There are a number of different lead generation options to fit in any budget. Legacy believes in one-on-one mentorship where we’ll help design an exclusive program for you to get started.

Do I have to buy direct mail leads through Legacy to get contracted?

  • No. Legacy is not a lead house. In fact, our direct mail leads are only available to contracted agents through Legacy. While we know our direct mail leads get results, you can get your leads from any source.

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