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  • 24-48 hour turn-around time
  • Limited Availability in every State - organized by County
  • A, A- & A-(65+), and B leads - Aged leads are best for Mortgage Protection
  • High Return on Investment
  • Delivered Directly to your Opt account
  • Purchased by the each



Definitions of available leads:

A Leads

  • Direct Mail A Leads represent about 1% of your target market and are the most expensive leads out there. For example, if 1000 people in your county close loans this week and we direct mail them all, the return will yield 10 respondents. Working only this lead, an agent will miss another 990 opportunities to sit with people who just had mortgage activity and would most likely buy from you if they only knew you existed and could hear your presentation.

A- & A- (65+) Leads

  • These are available in limited numbers in various areas. Many agents purchase them in bulk and travel outside their home market. Others purchase them close to home (when and where available) and supplement their "A" leads (if any) to increase their prospecting opportunities. They are not as "fresh" as an "A" lead and therefore greater effort must be made when prospecting with these leads, but many agents have incredible success with "A-" leads. An agent adding A- leads to their prospecting efforts can expect to increase their income by an additional $25,000 - $50,000 per year. Of course, the net income goes up considerably as well since the "client acquisition" cost is much lower. The A- (65+) are those prospects that are 65+ years old. They are also some of the best leads to work with higher premiums!

B Leads

  • These are available in limited numbers in various areas. Many agents (new and veterans alike) purchase these in bulk to add to their "prospecting" opportunities. A "B" lead is a once distributed lead that, to our knowledge, was not sold by one of our agents. "B" leads are a great way to add to your prospecting opportunities and reach out to more people in your target market WITHOUT breaking the bank. Agents incorporating "B" leads into their prospecting plan can expect to increase their income by an additional $35,000 - $50,000 per year. Of course, "B" leads take more effort and skill than "A-" leads which take more effort and skill than "A" leads, but many agents have great success with "B" leads and love working them as their primary means of "client acquisition."

Pre-approach Leads

  • This is by far the most lucrative and inexpensive method of "client acquisition." Using just this prospecting method, an agent can guarantee himself/herself a minimum of 15 appointments per week and an annual income of over $300,000 when also incorporating the Financial Needs Approach. An agent looking to become a builder/duplicator can realize the highest number of agents per area by incorporating this one prospecting tool! So why doesn't everybody do it? Because it's work and it isn't as easy as "A", "A-" or "B" leads for most people.

Can I buy these leads by the each to get started and how much do they cost?

  • Yes, the A Leads are $45 to $55 each lead count is determined by you. We recommend 20 leads a week (three week commitment required) to give you the greatest opportunity sales and cash-flow.
  • The A- & A-(65+) are aviable in most every county in every sate you wish to work. The cost is $7 each you can order as many as you wish based on whats available in counties you choose to work. The B Leads are offered and ordered the same way but with a cost of $4 each

Do I have to buy life insurance leads through Legacy to get contracted?

  • No. Legacy is not a lead house. Bringing our agents other ways to generate leads is one of the reasons we sought out an outside partner. The second, is the request from agents who want a faster turn-around time to get started. Aged leads offer that quick turn-around time from order to received leads; usually within a couple of days your leads are emailed directly to you.

Are these leads generated by Legacy?

  • No. These leads are generated, managed, and distributed by an exclusive outside partner. As a Legacy contracted agent you have access to these leads

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Your Life Insurance Lead Options

The secret to becoming one of the most successful agents in our industry is activity!
Our lead programs are designed to do just that.

Insurance Lead Programs

  Aged Leads
$7/per each
Great for additional sales
24 to 48 hour Turn-around time
Available in most every state in most every county
A-, A-(65+), and B Leads (B leads are discounted to $4 each)
Delivered through Opt! (Requires a separate registration)
High Closing Ratio
Increase weekly appointments (Perfect for traveling)

  Voicemail Leads
Discounted for Legacy Agents
Fresh & Exclusive Telemarketer Leads
FE & MP Availability (MP is discounted to $35 each)
Delivered Directly to your email
High Closing Ratio
Low Minimum Only 10 leads required
Quality Guaranteed
$10/per 100
Targeted Door Knocking List
Demographic Targeted Based on the area requested
FE & MP Availability
Lucrative Make sales with the lowest upfront cost
Perfect for 1st class mailing Great if you do your own mailing

Fresh Directmail Programs

  Proprietary Directmail
$540/per thousand / Mortgage Protection
Available in two data types
Fresh and Exclusive
The Most Qualified of any Lead
Call-in Leads provided at NO extra cost for each campaign
Final Expense Available (cost is $460 per/thousand)
Available in standing orders or one-time drops
Exclusive Territory for weekly standing orders
Turn Around Time 4-5 Weeks
.5% to 1% average ROI

All Life Insurance Lead Programs

  • Exclusive to Agents
  • Protected Areas available for standing orders
  • Leads are priced at wholesale cost. Legacy does not make money on Leads.
  • Participating in Lead programs is optional - not required for contracting or support
  • ROI varies depending on area and lead type
  • Limited availability

The secret to becoming one of the most successful life insurance agents in our industry is activity! Our lead programs are designed to do just that. No Lead or Prospecting program is made available to our Agents until our sales management has personally had success in selling the program or lead over a period of several months.

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What is a Phone-In Lead? A Phone-In Lead is created through mailers sent to new mortgage holders encouraging them to call our phone server to request more information.

What is the benefit of a Phone-In Lead? Speed! We believe that the early bird gets the worm. When a lead calls to request more information, you are notified within seconds, compared to several days required for typical A leads where a prospective client fills out a card and sends it through snail mail before it is distributed to you. The leads you receive are exclusive to you. We do not resell leads to other agents.

How much do they cost? Starting January 2019, Completed Phone-In Leads are $35 each and Incomplete Phone Leads are only $4 each.  When you place your standing lead order for X leads per week, you are charged the same amount every week.  For example, a standing lead order of 10 Complete Phone-In Leads and 10 Incomplete Phone Leads is $350 and $40 respectively.

Is there a minimum order? Yes. The minimum order is 5 Completed Phone-In Leads per week with a 4-week commitment.  We recommend at least a 6-week commitment to build momentum and give yourself time to learn how to work these leads effectively.

How soon after I place an order will I start receiving leads? It takes 2 to 3 weeks for your lead flow to start.

I have a standing lead order of 10 Completed Phone-In Leads.  Will I get exactly 10 per week?  You’ll get an AVERAGE of 10 Completed Leads per week. There will be weeks when you receive fewer than or more than 10 leads.  Because of the nature of these “real-time” leads, we don’t buffer the leads.  If 15 leads phone in during the week, you’ll receive all 15 while they are fresh.  We are constantly adjusting the data purchase and mailers sent on your behalf to dial in your weekly lead delivery to match the exact number you requested.

What is an Incomplete Phone Lead or IPL? An IPL is an Incomplete Phone Lead.  These are created by a prospective client who calls into our server and does not answer all the health and age questions.  For every Completed Phone-In Lead, we generate approximately 3 IPLs.  You receive the lead’s name, address, lender name, mortgage amount, and phone number.  You also receive any answers that they provided regarding health before the call was terminated. If you choose to add IPLs to your Completed Phone-In Lead order, the maximum number available is approximately three times your Completed Phone-In Lead order.  For example, with 5 Completed Phone-In Leads you can order up to 15 IPLs.  With 10 Completed Phone-In Leads you can order up to 30 IPLs.

Can I buy just the Incomplete Phone Leads for $4 each? Unfortunately, no.  The IPLs are a byproduct of your Completed Phone-In Lead order. You must purchase Completed Phone-In Lead in order to request the add-on of IPLs.

How will I receive my leads? Completed Phone-In Leads are sent to you within seconds of the lead calling our phone server.  You will receive a text message and an email with all of the lead details.  In addition to the real-time notification, your leads are saved to a shared Google spreadsheet daily. The spreadsheet can be used to track your appointment setting efforts or to input the leads into your own CRM system.  Note that the default notification for Incomplete Phone Leads is the daily spreadsheet only, in order to keep the “hottest” leads flowing to you without an overwhelming number of text messages we don’t recommend instant notification for IPLs, but we can certainly do that if you prefer.

Sample Lead sent by email: [Click here] SAMPLE

I received a lead for a 93-year-old person or someone that doesn’t speak English.  Can I have a credit? We do not give credit due to someone’s age or language.  Our goal is to get you the contact info for recent mortgage holders that have called for more information about mortgage protection. It is up to you to find the sales opportunities.

I called and the lead said I reached a “wrong number.”  What do I do? Our phone server captures the actual phone number that the lead is calling from.  That makes it very difficult for you to receive a true “wrong number.”  In addition, the lead is given the opportunity to enter a “best number to call.”  If a lead tells you that it is the wrong number, check the alternate phone number.  If it is different than the number that the lead originated from, you have an additional number to call to reach the lead.

I received the same lead two or three times via text and email. Will I be charged twice? No, you are not charged for duplicates. Each potential lead is assigned a unique mortgage ID number. The lead is generated by the phone call into our servers and distributed to you immediately.  Therefore, if a lead calls the server multiple times you receive multiple notifications. (Maybe that means they are anxious to talk to you about mortgage protection!)  Please know that we review the leads weekly to ensure that you are not charged for duplicates, but feel free to email NashvilleFinancial@gmail.com to report a duplicate lead.

How do I make the most of these leads?  We want you to be successful with these Phone-In Leads! When you place a standing Completed Phone-In Lead order you will have the opportunity to call the phone server to hear what the lead hears.  We’ll also provide you with a basic script for setting appointments.  The key to success with Phone-In Leads is speed.  Calling the lead while they are “in the moment” increases your chances of setting an appointment.  We recommend calling within the first two hours of receiving the lead.  The likelihood of the lead remembering and acknowledging that they called is much better when the lead is fresh.

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