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Legacy is a Life Insurance Marketing Organization dedicated to the financial success during every stage of our agents' business.
Built upon a platform of integrity, excellent client service, and agent suppot where agents matter most.
Your feedback is valued and contributes to the Group’s success.

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About Our Company

Legacy is a life insurance and financial services agency dedicated to the financial success during every stage of our agents' business. We will always view and treat each insurance agent and financial adviser as our partner and not just a statistic. We will constantly strive to improve our services and respond to your needs utilizing the latest technology

Legacy is built upon a platform of honesty and integrity, excellent client service, and active Agent participation and input in company sales marketing and advertising. Your feedback is valued and contributes to the Group’s success. We continue to seek out and offer the best life insurance products for your clients and the highest compensation for you.
What We Do

Lead Generation

The secret to becoming one of the most successful agents in our industry is activity! Our life insurance lead programs are designed for just that.

Mortgage Protection

Looking to sell mortgage protection life insurance or already do, then partnering with Legacy is the best choice. We have been in the mortgage protection marketplace for decades offering agents the highest commissions.

Final Expense

Final Expense and Burial Insurance is a market we specialize in. We have the tools, technology, training & mentoring, and most importantly the leads you need to be successful.

Agent Testimonials

Our company is built with experience, integrity and proficiency
Alisa B Independent Broker, Ohio. You’re awesome, really. I can’t say enough about well you’ve tailored a lead program in my area. I’ve used other groups in the industry for my leads with varying degrees of success, but your program beats the heck out if those. My sales have never been higher! Thanks for everything.
Carl V Independent Broker, Michigan. Moving to Legacy is one of those decisions I wish I’d made sooner. I was stuck at a production level that was good, but not great and couldn’t seem to find the time to get in the field more. The back office management of paperwork from submitting apps to tracking my book to case follow-up has allowed me to spend more time in the field selling! Thanks for the support.
Dave B Independent Broker, Texas. From marketing to agent support to how well-thought-out your programs and how honest you guys are. It’s impossible to recommend anyone but Legacy.
Tony P Independent Broker, Texas. Thank you very much Michael. I appreciate the support alot I never had this with my old MGA. You guys are awesome.
Thomas Independent Broker, Florida. I searched for over a year and spoke to dozens of IMO’s and I kept coming back to a guy called “Skipper”. I never had the access with my original IMO that I do now with LEGACY. I get as much or as little attention I need and there has always been someone available to take my call or text when I have a question I can’t answer in the home.
Jack Independent Broker, Tennesse. My home market is only so big and can’t support me every day with direct mail leads. With the help of the other programs LEGACY offers I am able to fill the gaps without having to drive hours away every week.



  • Fresh and Exclusive Insurance Leads
  • Available for Final Expense
  • Available for Legacy Contracted Agents at a Discount
  • Quick order Turn-Around

  • High Closing Ratio
  • Delivered Directly to Your Email
  • Include Calendar URL for leads to book appointment (25%+ of clients have been booking their own appointments)
  • Quality Guarantee



What makes these facebook™ leads as qualified as direct mail leads?

  • We know that direct mail is still one of the most qualified lead generating campaigns, albeit at a very high cost with ever lowing returns, due to the calls-to-action a client takes to complete the lead. With that said, facebook™> generated leads are going to be part of the future in lead generation increasing both in quality and closing ratio as the market grows.
  • Secondly, unlike other vendors offering facebook™ leads, these are the most qualified facebook™ leads you'll find in the industry.
    A prospect needs to complete 12 steps to be considered a lead making the quality as close to direct mail as you can get.
    Life Insurance is mentioned more then once with questions regarding any current coverage is asked.
  • Thirdly, like our other lead programs, these facebook™ leads have never been previously sold or worked by another agent instead they are always fresh and exclusive to you backed by the vendor for quality.
  • Lastly, is turn-around time. Instead of a 4 to 5 week turn-around time for direct mail, facebook™ leads, in most cases, only take a 24 to 48 hours to fill an agents order.

Are these leads generated by Legacy?

  • No. These leads are generated, managed, and distributed by an outside vendor. As a Legacy contracted agent you qualify for a discount on any leads you order as well as a deeper discount for a weekly standing order.

How many appointments can I expect and what is the average closing ratio?

  • The reason this facebook™ lead program is so popular is because they are exclusive and never sold to other agents even those outside of Legacy. There are two significant factors to closing more appointments; targeting the right prospects and product availability. Legacy offers the carriers with products that will give you the opportunity to meet every prospects condition.
  • The vendors advertised results of target marketing along with our product availability means you’ll set more appointments and close up to 25% of these leads. Couple this with our supporting material on working those unreachable leads and you could add another 10% to those numbers.

Are the Non-Med Term leads the same as Mortgage Protection?

  • Yes and No. This lead is generic with respect to market. Meaning it can be income protection, mortgage protection, etc.
  • Currently, these leads are for those agents who sell over the phone as they are generated across multiple states that agent is licensed in.
  • Coming soon will be a more local demograhic for agents who prefer face-to-face sales.

Can I buy these leads by the each to get started and how much do they cost?

  • Yes, the minimum order is 20 leads after which you can purchase any amount that fits with budget and income requirements.
  • The cost is $17-$25 / Lead (varies by state) and $20 each for Recurring Weekly Orders, 3 week minimum commitment, 2 week cancellation notice requested.

Do I have to buy life insurance leads through Legacy to get contracted?

  • No. Legacy is not a lead house. Bringing our agents another way to generate leads is one of the reasons we sought out an outside vendor. The second, is the request from agents who want a faster turn-around time to get started. Internet exclusive leads offer that quick turn-around time from order to received leads; usually within a couple of days your leads are starting to come in.

What is the Quality Guarantee?

  • The vendor will replace leads that have a disconnected phone number, factious address, or a language barrier. These are handled directly through the vendor. Legacy does not manage any aspect of these leads nor can Legacy speak to quality or results.

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Let us help you make your life insurance business a success
We will always view and treat each life insurance agent and financial adviser as our partner and not just a statistic. We will continue to seek out and offer the best products for your clients and the highest compensation for you.

Mentorship/TrainingOne-on-one collaborative approach
Tech, Tools, and AppsDesigned to take the stress out of life.

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Agent News & Updates

Our company is built with experience, Integrity & proficiency

Final Expense

How to overcome the buyers remorse objection

Once a buying decision is made by a new client, often times they start to second guess their decision. What that really means is that their ideal picture has changed from the benefits they wanted to gain to the loss of money while living on a fixed income.

That's when buyer's remorse begins to set in. It's vital for any life insurance producer to cut off any doubts by addressing this issue in advance for this objection. This can be difficult to accomplish since what we offer is an intangible product, yet it can be done. The intangible product I am referring to is the need for a final expense life insurance plan.

Read More


Updates to underwriting guidelines - Marijuana

Updates to underwriting guidelines and form updates for CT and DC
Updates to Underwriting Guidelines
We are excited to announce updates to our Expired Visa, Employment Authorization Document, and Marijuana guidelines that will allow more of your applicants to qualify for coverage.

DOWNLOAD the bulletin to learn what has changed and what remains
the same.

New Application and Forms in CT and DC
The application form kits for all products for Connecticut and District of Columbia have been updated to the same as we've been using in most other states.

DOWNLOAD the bulletin to learn more.

We&squo;re Here For Life 525 W Van Buren | Chicago IL 60607 | northamericancompany.com
The Skipper

How to overcome “I already have that covered” objection

This is an objection I find more prevalent in working the Mortgage protection market, although it does rear its head in Final Expense as well. Most people site the life insurance they have from their work place as enough coverage for their needs or they have enough money in the bank to cover the cost of a burial.

If you are lucky enough to be sitting in front of folks that feel this way you have the opportunity to educate and enlighten your prospect. The very first words that should be said are to compliment the prospect on planning ahead and considering the need for life insurance and the different goals in your life it addresses.

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Kansas City Life - Product Update

Important new measures during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the world continues to adapt to the challenges posed by COVID-19, Kansas City Life Insurance Company is making the necessary adjustments to take care of our policyholders, agents and Company during this difficult time.

Beginning April 8, 2020, the new good health statement will be required on all Kansas City Life fully underwritten approved cases. This new health statement includes COVID-19 specific language and will need to be signed by the applicant and received by the Home Office before a case can be issued and commissions paid.

Additionally, agents are only allowed to leave or send a conditional receipt if premiums are collected or an immediate draft occurs. This new rule is in effect for all life products.

During these unprecedented times, Kansas City Life continues to provide Security Assured to our policyowners. We understand that due to COVID-19, making a premium payment in the immediate future may be difficult for some. In response, we have temporarily suspended termination of all life coverage due to non-payment until May 1, 2020, for policyowners who need more time to pay their bill. We may extend this period longer to comply with additional state mandated extensions. Because missing premium payments can affect a policy in several ways, we strongly encourage payment of all premiums due, if possible. Please note that all missed payments will be due once this period ends.

These are volatile times when people are most likely to look to our industry for reassurance. Thank you for your partnership and all you are doing to provide Security Assured to our customers.

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