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Legacy is a Life Insurance Marketing Organization dedicated to the financial success during every stage of our agents' business.
Built upon a platform of integrity, excellent client service, and agent suppot where agents matter most.
Your feedback is valued and contributes to the Group’s success.

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About Our Company

Legacy is a life insurance and financial services agency dedicated to the financial success during every stage of our agents' business. We will always view and treat each insurance agent and financial adviser as our partner and not just a statistic. We will constantly strive to improve our services and respond to your needs utilizing the latest technology

Legacy is built upon a platform of honesty and integrity, excellent client service, and active Agent participation and input in company sales marketing and advertising. Your feedback is valued and contributes to the Group’s success. We continue to seek out and offer the best life insurance products for your clients and the highest compensation for you.
What We Do

Lead Generation

The secret to becoming one of the most successful agents in our industry is activity! Our leads are designed for just that.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Life and Disability Insurance offers a unique peace of mind. You will have access to our proprietary lead program that offers every agent FRESH leads.

Final Expense

Simplified Underwriting and quickly issued policies add to the Final Expense Agent's cashflow while helping clients without waiting for underwriting decisions.

Agent Testimonials

Our company is built with experience, integrity and proficiency
Alisa B Independent Broker, Ohio. You’re awesome, really. I can’t say enough about well you’ve tailored a lead program in my area. I’ve used other groups in the industry for my leads with varying degrees of success, but your program beats the heck out if those. My sales have never been higher! Thanks for everything.
Carl V Independent Broker, Michigan. Moving to Legacy is one of those decisions I wish I’d made sooner. I was stuck at a production level that was good, but not great and couldn’t seem to find the time to get in the field more. The back office management of paperwork from submitting apps to tracking my book to case follow-up has allowed me to spend more time in the field selling! Thanks for the support.
Dave B Independent Broker, Texas. From marketing to agent support to how well-thought-out your programs and how honest you guys are. It’s impossible to recommend anyone but Legacy.
Tony P Independent Broker, Texas. Thank you very much Michael. I appreciate the support alot I never had this with my old MGA. You guys are awesome.
Thomas Independent Broker, Florida. I searched for over a year and spoke to dozens of IMO’s and I kept coming back to a guy called “Skipper”. I never had the access with my original IMO that I do now with LEGACY. I get as much or as little attention I need and there has always been someone available to take my call or text when I have a question I can’t answer in the home.
Jack Independent Broker, Tennesse. My home market is only so big and can’t support me every day with direct mail leads. With the help of the other programs LEGACY offers I am able to fill the gaps without having to drive hours away every week.

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Let us help you make your insurance business a success
We will always view and treat each insurance agent and financial adviser as our partner and not just a statistic. We will continue to seek out and offer the best products for your clients and the highest compensation for you.

Mentorship/TrainingOne-on-one collaborative approach
Tech, Tools, and AppsDesigned to take the stress out of life.

Agent ContractingOne contract for all of our carriers
Custom ServicesNeed help on a case? Help is on the way.
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Agent News & Updates

Our company is built with experience, Integrity & proficiency


3 Ways to Break a Sales Slump

Finding yourself in a sales slump is depressing as well as discouraging. You’re doing everything you know to do; calling leads, following up, and seeing prospects. Nothing seems to come out of it draining your financial cushion.

The first thing to realize is that this is perfectly normal. Sales slumps are part of the dynamic of being a salesperson especially when selling life insurance; the opposite is also true of peak periods. Slumps are bound to happen right after a good steady run. Here are a few ways to push through.

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How to use UL/IUL in Mortgage Protection

Universal Life and Indexed Universal Life insurance can be designed as a flexible, low premium insurance policy that offers the option to provide permanent death benefits and cash value growth potential for the Mortgage Protection market.

These can be designed primarily for the mortgage protection market, UL/IUL can provide at least 20 years of coverage by paying the minimum premium, based on current illustration assumptions. It can also serve as an alternative to term products and has applications for the personal and business markets where there is a need for a fixed or indexed universal life product.

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Direct Mail Leads: where’s all the promises?

If you’ve been in the life insurance sales business for a while, then you’ve also worked direct mail leads. Whether they were final expense or mortgage protection you’ve ordered them be they “B” leads or fresh you tried and frustration was the result instead of closing.

You’ve heard the promises like, “Our leads are the best on the market…”, “Agents are making $100K + a year on our direct mail…”, or the best one “We absolutely can generate leads in your area…” only to find your returns are low, nobody is buying, or you get three or four leads in your area.

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Is your IMO acting ethically?

The first thing we think about when we hear the term “ethics” is our interaction with our clients. After all ethics is part of the CE credits we need every two years to keep our license in force, so we can continue providing our services and make a living.

So why then does ethics go out the window when some IMO’s conduct the business of their agencies?

Don’t get me wrong there are IMO’s that do act ethically in their day-to-day business. Unfortunately, it isn’t the IMO’s that promote recruiting as the first order of business.

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