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Lead Generation a NEW WAY...

Not all life insurance lead marketing campaigns are created equal. If it's one thing we know to become successful in our industry you need activity. Our lead progrms are designed to do just that.
Aged Leads60%

Tech, Tools, and Apps

It's all about Branding

The Technology package, designed to give you an online presence, is available to all agents contracted with Legacy though our partners at Each of the modules are designed to seamlessly work together bringing our life insurance agents into the 21st century in managing their business while interacting with their clients and prospects.

Mobile Field Quoter for Term, Simple Issue Term & SIWL

Mobile Field Quoter for Term, Simple Issue Term & SIWL

Comparative quote returns the monthly premium from the carreirs you have selected to be displayed.
Consumer Landing Page

Consumer Landing Page

Consumers are looking for a quick experience when using the web for insurance quotes.
Agent Websites

Agent Websites

We Don't Just Create Websites, We Create Experiences

We understand that each life insurance agents’ situation is unique. The one-size fits all approach of most every other organization leaves nearly all agents frustrated with group calls and meetings offering solutions that do not reflect the real world environment of your situation.

At Legacy we believe in one-on-one mentorship to support our agents in the field. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned life insurance producer we all need a little help now and again. Our senior team has more than 55 years of experience in every area of insurance sales and we’re still active in the field selling the same leads as our agents.

Final Expense and Burial Insurance: is a market we specialize in. We have the tools, technology, training & mentoring, and most importantly the leads you need to be successful.

Simplified Underwriting and quickly issued policies with commissions paid daily, add to the Final Expense agents’ cashflow enabling you to meet your bills without waiting for underwriting decisions.

Mortgage Protection: We have been in the Mortgage Protection Marketplace for decades offering agents the highest commissions, up to 115%.

Selling Mortgage Protection Life and Disability Insurance offers a unique peace of mind that comes with the largest purchase or refinance your clients will incur. As a Legacy Agent you will have access to several life insurance lead programs that offer every agent QUALITY leads.

Annuities. Most of you reading this are extremely proficient in the Medicare supplement market, but very few do much with Fixed Index Annuities.

While Fixed Index Annuities (FIA’s) “seem” complex on the surface, they are a GREAT product that safely provides for cash accumulation as well as “guaranteed lifetime income.”

Agent Benefits & Support

Have you ever wondered what true wealth is as an insurance agent? We believe it is the value you create with your ability to get multiple sales within the same household, with as many products as you are licensed to offer your clients.
- One-on-One Mentoring
- Extensive Carrier list
- Underwriting Support
- Large case management
- Open Release Policy
- High Commissions
- Paid Direct from Carriers
- Agency Building
- Field support
- Sales & Product training
Legacy agents are a part of growing group of independent life insurance agent’s wanting to expand their knowledge, releasing the power of their insurance license by expanding their product offering across multiple markets.