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How Many Carriers Should a Final Expense Agent Have?

While there is no exact magic number, a good quality mix of “A” rated carriers is best. We recommend contracting with about five life insurance carriers which will give you an opportunity to have a product available regardless of heath conditions.

While we have dozens of carriers available here are some of the things to look for when choosing your mix:

Selling Final Expense Insurance

Why Sell Final Expense Life Insurance

There are many reasons to sell Final Expense life insurance products. If you talk with those agents who are successful at it, it would cover several pages of reasons. Here we'll talk about the four most important:

  1. The products used to sell final expense are simple for clients to understand and can be simple for agents to get issued. The primary products are simplified issued whole life. Meaning, there are no physical exams, often no height/weight restrictions, and are very forgiving on conditions.
Senior Market Agent Training

Mastering the Art of the Assumptive Close: Guiding Professional Procrastinators to Final Expense Success

Today, let's explore the mindset of our Final Expense clients. While countless conferences and training sessions focus on fostering a successful salesperson mindset, truly comprehending our clients' mindset can unlock the doors to remarkable sales performance. As independent agents and entrepreneurs, we possess the self-starter spirit that many of our prospects lack. To excel in the Final Expense business, we must understand the unique mindset of our clients, the Professional Procrastinators, and employ effective strategies to guide them towards making crucial decisions.

The Professional Procrastinator Mindset:

  1. They avoid making decisions instantly, often citing the need for more information or time to think. However, the underlying reason is their discomfort with decision-making and their belief in their own immortality.
  2. They take pride in stalling decisions and have perfected this skill throughout their lives, from chores to job-related decisions.
  3. They justify their indecision by finding flaws in the salesperson's approach, such as their appearance, demeanor, or the questions they ask.

Strategies for Overcoming the Professional Procrastinator Mindset:

  1. Master the art of the assumptive close and establish yourself as an advisor, not a salesperson. Assume that you will close the sale and guide your clients through the process as they are accustomed to being led.
  2. Create an environment conducive to the sale by taking control of the situation from the moment you walk in. Turn off distractions, establish a professional atmosphere, and address any environmental issues.
  3. Guide your clients through the decision-making process by being a "kind bulldog" – assertive without being offensive. Establish your role as their advocate and expert, and lead them through a seamless presentation that allows them to commit to a budget and make a decision without feeling pressured.

The Key to Success: To effectively employ these strategies, you must truly believe in the value of the product you sell and the benefits it offers your clients. Maintaining high standards of integrity is crucial, as is understanding that by not closing a sale, we are doing a disservice to our clients. By learning how our clients think and guiding them towards making a decision, we can ensure that they do not leave their loved ones with the burden of their final expenses.

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FInal Expense Sales

How to Improve Policy Retention in Final Expense Life Insurance

If it’s one complaint I often hear from agents who work the final expense market its retention. After all policy retention will affect your commission, carrier contracting, and your time. If you’re paid an advance it can be daunting. Therefore, let’s discuss how to improve that aspect of the market.

Have you heard this one? “…don’t worry about chargebacks in final expense, it’s all about the numbers…you’ll have so many applications and policies in the pipeline you won’t even notice.” While that might be true if you’re submitting and placing 10-15 applications week in and week out, for the average agent doing half that amount (5-7 applications) it can feel like you are never getting ahead. Sending half your week chasing down NSF’s just to get policies back on the books.



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