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Your Life Insurance Lead Options

Activity! Activity! Activity!

The secret to becoming one of the most successful agents in our industry is activity! Our lead programs for contracted agents are designed to do just that. Find the program below that fits your budget.

Using our lead programs is NOT a requirement for contracting as we do not upcharge any leads we offer. While agents are free to use any lead vendor they choose, you must have a lead source to be contracted..

Fresh & Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

Integrity Lead Center

Directmail Mortgage Protection or Final Expense Leads Great for additional sales

  • ***Requires a separate Registration***
  • 24 to 48 hour Turn-around time
  • Available in most every state in most every county
  • Final Expense aged Leads also available!
  • Access to the original lead card can be printed
  • High Closing Ratio
  • Increase weekly appointments (Perfect for traveling)

Highest Quality Fresh & Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

Lead Generation - FE, MP & Family

Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Life Leads, Medicare and more!

Exclusive Pricing for the
Legacy Agent Family

Key Advantages of Partnering with Premier Insurance Leads

Premier Insurance Leads

Fresh & Exclusive Only sold to the ordering agent

$15 to $30/ea
  • Asked if they have current coverage, How much they want, & Who their beneficiary is.
  • Operates 24/7, with leads generated within 6 hours, ensuring quick and efficient lead delivery.
  • Offers unique local mortgage protection leads with comprehensive data on verified homeowners, boosting lead quality for specific insurance products.
  • Provides two tiers of final expense leads, including a premium option with extensive client insights for targeted strategies.
  • Streamlines agent outreach with an efficient lead delivery system featuring instant text alerts and accessible digital tools.
  • Enforces a fair exchange policy with proactive phone validation and lead replacement for accuracy and satisfaction.
  • Facilitates immediate agent support through easy-to-use text messaging on their websites, ensuring quick access to assistance.
  • Maintains ethical lead generation practices, avoiding misleading ads and ensuring leads are permission-based and compliant.
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Aged Leads, Aged Direct Mail Leads, Digital Marketing Leads, Facebook Leads, Mortgage Protection Leads, and Telemarketing Leads
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Final Expense Discounted 1,000 piece Direct Mail from ONLY $380
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Telemarketed Leads, Live Transfer, and Pre-Set Appointments, Final Expnse, Mortgage Protection, Family Leads
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Exclusive Digital and Direct Mail: Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Annuity leads

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